Our company is led by litigation finance professionals and lawyers who have helped investors and corporate claimants successfully generate hundreds of millions of dollars in returns on their legal assets.  Our track record has been sustained for 15 years because we manage risk across throughout the investment process: from sourcing opportunities to underwriting, and through the structuring and monetization process.  We remain committed as valued partners and strategists from start to finish.

Our team is led by Kenneth L. Adams, Bruce Holcomb and Christopher T. Leonardo.  We have helped deploy millions dollars of capital into litigation finance opportunities, helping the fortune 500 and other large and sophisticated companies to identify, value, and maximize returns on their litigation claims.

1875 Capital is not a law firm.  But our goal remains the same as it has always been: to help companies to realize that their legal claims are important corporate assets, the value of which should be optimized to unlock shareholder value and to create balance sheet liquidity.