Litigation Finance

We Help Companies Maximize Free Cash Flow By Hedging Litigation Risk

As a specialty finance company, we offer companies the opportunity to realize the value of legal claims, judgments, and litigation assets on a current basis.

Litigation Finance Solutions Can Further Your Business Needs

Our team is composed of practicing lawyers, each of whom possess dozens of years of legal experience representing large and sophisticated companies in complex litigation, ranging from antitrust to insurance and other high stakes commercial litigation. As lawyers we have recovered billions of dollars on behalf of our corporate clients. Our experience as informs our investment process, and drives our interest in offering flexible investment structures that both align incentives and create value:

  • Individual Claim Investments. We advance capital and participate in sharing future case proceeds, including recoveries from arbitrations, litigation, appeals, and judgments.
  • Portfolio Claim Investments. Taking your litigation spend as a whole, we advance capital across a bundled group of the company’s cases, allowing you to hedge the timing and recovery risk of individual matters.
  • Asset Backed Lending. We are positioned to offer credit instruments to insulate companies from shouldering litigation cost overruns.
  • Alternative Fee Arrangements. We offer structured payments against future claim recoveries to allow companies and law firms to move from standard hourly fee billing to a shared risk model for attorney compensation.