Consulting: Claimants

Strategic Consulting For Companies and Their Counsel When Exploring Litigation Finance

We are positioned to leverage our experience, knowledge base, and network on behalf of companies seeking to take advantage of the litigation finance market. When companies decide to explore litigation finance solutions, they often confront an information gap about the entire litigation finance process.

  • How to understand the market for litigation finance, and how to go about identifying claims for funding across the Company’s litigation portfolio?
  • How to determine the fair value of those claims?
  • How to identify company stake holders (e.g., on the business side, the law department, the finance staff, etc.) to help identify key claim valuation and risk measures.
  • How to effectively engage with both funders and the Company’s outside counsel from the due diligence phase to finalizing deal terms.
  • How to structure the transaction to maximize value and shareholder return.
  • How to contain risk, protect confidentiality, and ensure compliance with relevant decisional rules and statutes bearing upon litigation finance, jurisdiction-specific rules of conduct and procedure, applicable rules professional responsibility
  • How to manage post-transaction deal terms between the Company, the funder, and outside counsel.

That information gap puts companies determining how to best maximize the value of their claims when dealing with a Litigation Funder at a disadvantage.

Our Advice Helps Level The Playing Field

As specialists possessing a developed understanding of the litigation finance market, we are uniquely suited to working with companies to help them navigate through the litigation finance process. Our goal is to serve the interests of management, and to educate, align incentives, and optimize returns for the company by helping it to identify the right claims financing opportunities at the best price available.