We offer finance options to companies seeking investment in their litigation portfolios.  We are positioned to deploy capital across a variety of complex and commercial litigation, arbitration, appeals and judgments.

Our company is led by Kenneth L. Adams, R. Bruce Holcomb and Christopher T. Leonardo. We are seasoned lawyers who posses dozens of years of experience helping fortune 500 and other large and sophisticated companies to identify, value, and maximize returns on their litigation claims.  Our efforts have resulted in over $4 billion in claim recoveries in cases involving agricultural, chemical, consumer electronics, industrial, and other business sectors.

1875 Capital was created so that we could continue to serve the needs of the corporate community.  1875 Capital is not a law firm, but our goal remains the same as it has always been: to help companies to realize that their legal claims are important corporate assets, the value of which should be maximized.  We do that by deploying outside capital to help companies capture the value of their legal assets.‎